Our clients are the best! They seem to like us too.

“I really do like what all has been done. I can tell it was well thought out. I really feel we communicated well and you heard what I was trying to convey in my vision of the ads. And, we are getting a tremendous up tick in new patients.”

Dr. Darren Dickson
Plano, TX

“Andy and the gang at TPV are fantastic. They were extremely patient and diligent. They never wavered in their commitment to our project and the final results they provided were better than we expected.”

James Casey
Spencer, MA

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The Peripheral Vision offers targeted strategic branding, internet development, marketing, advertising, and consulting services.

If you are looking for innovative, affordable, and sharply focused solutions to enhance your customer's perception of your business, you have come to the right place.

Clients choose to come to us when they need something other than the standard off-the-shelf marketing product. Everything we do at The Peripheral Vision is well thought out, client specific, custom work. From strategic planning to graphic design to implementation, we know that each of our clients needs and tastes are different. Each comes with their own budget concerns and project/campaign requirements.

We team with businesses to promote their products and services and also to strengthen their overall brands.

We are a results oriented company that takes great pride in the level of creativity and personal attention we give to each of our clients. We work hard to shape our services to the needs of our clients, not to make our clients change for us.

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