You may have thought to yourself, "I wonder what so-and-so thinks about this procedure or where does that person think my field is headed in the future?"

Nothing is stopping you from simply asking them. Send them an email, mention that you are writing an article for your business website and see if they can answer a few brief questions.

Odds are, they will say yes. We humans are a storytelling animals and you'd be surprised how many people, given the chance, love to communicate their thoughts.

It is a great way for you to glean some insight, raise the credibility of your website and boost your own confidence in your knowledge of your field.

Email addresses are easy to find and connecting is cheap. We can help you with ways to connect to your interviewee and record your conversation.


  1. While reading trade materials, keep a text file with name that keeping popping us
  2. Anytime you wonder to yourself about something in your field, write them down
  3. Getting a "no" for an interview request is not an attack on you, their could be hundreds of other reasons that your request was turned down

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