The building was bought about a week after I left the last time I was home. When I left them during the 2008 trip home, the TPV staff was all huddled in one big room in a basement of a house. Definitely a comfy situation but it is understandable why they would want to spread out a bit and see the sun.

I have been looking at the new place through my computer monitor for about a year now. Through a camera, I had a strange perception of the size of the place. The front room which I thought was gigantic was actually smaller than Matt's office which I thought was small and cozy.

Things that stood out to me about the new digs were:

  • So much sunlight
  • The kitchen is almost the size of half of my three bedroom apartment
  • The sign with the Peripheral Vision logo out front is amazing even though some people think the place is an eye doctor's office
  • TPV's microwave has the loudest buttons in the world
  • The toilet has an unused shower that I think would be a perfect place for some kind of statue
  • Time goes a lot faster in the MN office than it does in the Tokyo office.
  • Matt has a desk that forces you to walk in a spiral to get to his chair
  • The room in the back with the hard wood floors was really echo-y until I dragged the entryway's rug into it to dampen the sound.

See ya next article,

•• dave