Here are 2 of my (not so secret sites) that can at least keep you treading water.

  1. friendfeed :: Basically, you use friendfeed to funnel all the social networking sites you've subscribed to and funnel them through one site. You can see all the results of your friends who took the "which manhole cover am I?" but at the same time, you can see all the inspiring photos groups you a subscribed to on flickr or picasa. You get dessert while at the same time, you get your vitamins.
  2. :: Here is where you subscribe to all the social networking sites you add content to regularly and only have to type that genius insight once. I know, I know...too good to be true but it is. Type one sentence and it auto-magically appears on Twitter, Facebook, Plaxo, Linkedin, Myspace, etc.

(pause for angelic choir to quiet down)

So, setup 2.0 bookmarks on your tool bar, one for and one for friendfeed and you have just taken control of your active digital life.