When you look out the window, the color palette metamorphoses from succulent, luscious greens to crisp, dry reds, oranges and yellows. You can start to catch the scent of logs burning in fireplaces in MN. In Japan, vendors start roasting chestnuts and sweet potatoes to sell near the train stations. I was trying to think of ways to reflect season changes on websites without being obvious. How do you say autumn on your website without it looking like you stuck a bunch of Fall themed clip art on it?

Perhaps an painless way would be to change the images on your website to reflect the season. I am not talking about you standing in front of some dry leaf pile. Thinking more along the lines of, if you have any images where trees are visible out of an office window, why not try to get some photos that include them. You could even take this further and do it for each season.

Visitors to your site might not notice the image changes but they will sense something is changing. Your site will have the ambiance of the season with minimal work. Keep it subtle (lose the Santa hat for the winter images), you'll have yourself a respectable site. If you have any comments or interesting website ideas you'd like share, drop me an email anytime at dave@tpvhq.com.


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