The women's World Cup match between the United States and Japan was yesterday. It was a close one but Japan won in penalty kicks. My friend in Japan said that people are really, really thrilled about their victory. It is helping take their mind off of things, as the sportscasters droned on about during the game. While dealing with what they have to deal with, people just need things to feel normal. Their first World Cup championship ever should lift some spirits for a bit.

Right now, our heat index at work is up around 100f. Our air conditioner is sweating but doing its job but thankfully we can have it on. According to my friend who visited from Tokyo last week, people are foregoing their air conditioners in Japan to not put stress on the electrical grid. She said that people are sweating it out on the public transit system in trains with no a/c. Offices have the a/c off or down as low as it can go.

That's about all I know right now. It looks like the files are all downloaded. More news later if anything comes up. Stay tuned for the next update which Andy is probably getting ready to publish pretty quick.