The whole experience turned out pretty well and with my help, the contestant got all the way to the end and won the $50 bar tab. Once, I got used to being up on the stage and realized everyone was laughing along with the game and enjoying themselves, it was pretty fun. After a while, I didn't even notice the audience being there at all.

The experience reminded me of when I first started writing content for various websites. It is pretty uncomfortable at the beginning. You feel like a bit of a fraud at first but eventually you find a voice that fits what you are writing for. This content starts to drive people to your website, they get to know the business you are writing for, and you make friends and contacts. These connections can lead to new paths that you would never have gone down in the past.

It is ok to be shy but don't let it stop you from writing online. Do little by little. A one paragraph article leads to a two paragraph article. Sounds simplistic but if you do it, you will eventually get somewhere. Use some sort of game or trick to make yourself write. For example, we play darts at work and we assigned triple 14 to be a mandatory article.

By the way...I hit the triple 14 yesterday.