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For your event to be noticed, it must be delivered to the media in a way that they will appreciate.


If its newsworthy, then it should be in the news!

Creating a buzz around the natural happenings in your business can be an easy way to add interest and sway the perception of your organization.

The problem is, we can't always wait around for something newsworthy to happen. If an event does occur, all to often the business owner can't act fast enough to take advantage of the opportunity. Also, natural happenings don't present themselves often enough to keep the public's interest momentum is lost.

The Peripheral Vision can help you design concepts and implement positive notable events dedicated to keeping your business in the news. We have the expertise to help you deliver your event to the media in a way that they will appreciate, and feel compelled to notice.

Conjuring up newsworthy events is nothing new. Businesses and celebrities alike have been doing it for years. When the local media decides to run your story, whether in the newspaper, online, or on the television, the credibility these experts can add to your event can be immeasurable. In other words, get the right story into the right situation, attract the national spotlight and watch your business explode!

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